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Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy

Sustainable Vertical Farming Solution with RE100 Renewable Energy. Future Urban Smart Farm that is applied to Strawberry Container Farm creates values and builds a sustainable platform between local communities, urban agriculture and jobs.


Technology Overview

1. Technology Overview:

1.1 A solar powered, standard container – Sized plant factory

All environmental conditions for crop growing such as lighting, humidity, CO2, water, temperature and nutrients are fully controllable with low power consumption. The result is an ability to grow strawberries in any season or climate.Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy

  • Solar panel and rainwater collection system
  • High efficiency ultra-low heat LED module
  • High insulation container farm structure
  • Heat pump cooling and heating system
  • CO2 supply system
  • Aeroponic vertical farming structure
  • Rainwater tank and recycle system
  • Closed hydroponics nutrient solution system

1.2 Modular Vertical Farm In a Standard Shipping Container

  • ISO Standard 40ft Container with Solar Panels: Allows to grow strawberries anytime, anywhere in the world (12 m x 2.4 m x 2.5 m, 68 CBM), solar panel size can be changed according to power consumption.
  • Vertical Farm System with Hydroponics: Increases production by 40%* through an aeroponic vertical farming system (vertical farming structure with spray type hydroponics, patented).
  • Stackable & Scalable: Container farm requires very small land area and occupies a smaller area when stacked.30,000 strawberries can be grown on less than 500 m2 land (in 30 container farms).

2. Technology Features:

2.1 Energy-saving and Sustainable Farming Solution

  • High-efficiency LED Lighting: Ultra-low heat LED module and optimized light control maximize productivity and minimize energy consumption.
  • Heat Pump Cooling and Heating System: Reduce power consumption by over 80% compared to conventional plant factories (50kW/day consumption for 1,000 strawberry plants).

2.2 Precise Hydroponics with Extreme Water Efficiency

  • Eco-friendly Closed Hydroponics: Recycled nutrient solution system results in zero-waste water (90% reduction in nutrient solution consumption).
  • Water Collection System: Rainwater and condensed water can be recycled to maximize water consumption.

2.3 Control and Monitoring via Cloud Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy

  • Easy and Simple Access from Web & Mobile: Any growing condition is fully controlled via cloud for the best crop yields (temperature, humidity, CO2, LED lighting, irrigation, heating and cooling system and energy consumption).
  • A Specialist in Smart Agriculture for over a decade: The smart farm platform is in operation and is a proven solution on more than 350 farms.

2.4 Cloud-based AI Services

  • Prediction of Harvest Date and Crop Yield: Using estimation of strawberry ripeness with deep learning technology.
  • Pest Classification and Detection App: Notifies user the type of disease, the location of detection in the farm, and the number of detection cases.

Technology Video

Problem & Solution

Market Problem:

1. Difficulties in food supply:Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy

  • The demand for food consumption is increasing, especially in densely populated areas.
  • Diseases and climate change are affecting traditional agricultural production, leading to food shortages.
  • Difficulty in transporting fresh food to remote areas.

2. Environmental difficulties:

  • Traditional agriculture often uses a lot of water, land and chemicals, causing environmental pollution.
  • Climate change is making growing crops more difficult in some areas.
  • The demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly food is increasing.

3. Economic difficulties:

  • Traditional agricultural production costs are increasing, leading to high food prices.
  • Farmers often face price and weather risks.
  • The need for efficient and profitable agricultural solutions.

Mekonglink Solution: Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy

1. Provide a safe, fresh and stable food supply:

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  • The interior growing system and strict environmental control help ensure product quality and safety.
  • Ability to grow crops all year round, regardless of external weather conditions.
  • Minimize the risk of crop loss due to disease and climate change.

2. Minimize environmental impact:

  • Use renewable energy and water saving systems.
  • Minimize use of chemicals and pesticides.
  • Contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.

3. Increase profits for investors:

  • Productivity is 40 times higher than traditional agriculture.
  • Low operating costs thanks to the use of renewable energy and a water-saving system.
  • There is a high demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly food.

Therefore, the “Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy” solution is a potential choice for customers looking for effective, sustainable and highly profitable agricultural solutions.


Application & Case

The potential strawberry business model can bring high profits all year round with “Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy”

1. Summary:

The “Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy” solution offers a revolutionary approach to strawberry cultivation, combining advanced hydroponics or aeroponics systems with renewable energy sources to provide a sustainable, high-yielding, and profitable business model. This proposal highlights the key features, market potential, financial projections, and competitive advantages of this innovative solution.

1.1. Key Features of “Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy”

  • Containerized Farming: Utilizes recycled shipping containers, maximizing space efficiency and enabling cultivation in urban or space-constrained areas.
  • Hydroponics or Aeroponics Systems: Deliver water and nutrients directly to the roots, minimizing water usage, reducing waste, and preventing soil-borne diseases.
  • Climate Control Systems: Employ sensors and automatic controls to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels for year-round strawberry production.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: Integrate solar panels or wind turbines to generate clean electricity, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Monitoring and Management Systems: Utilize software and applications to track environmental factors, plant health, and system performance, enabling remote monitoring and optimization.

1.2 Benefits of using Korean Strawberry seeds that come with the “Strawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy” solutionStrawberry Container Farm with Renewable Energy

  • Ensuring Product Quality: High quality strawberry seeds help strawberry plants grow healthily, produce large, sweet and delicious fruits, meeting customer needs.
  • Increased Productivity: Korean strawberry varieties have higher yields than conventional strawberry varieties, helping businesses optimize profits.
  • Minimize Risks: Korean strawberry seeds have good disease resistance, helping to minimize risks for businesses during the farming process.
  • Cost Savings: Using high quality strawberry seeds helps minimize loss during the growing process, saving costs for businesses.

2. Competitive advantage analysis:

  • High Quality Products: Strawberries are grown in a strictly controlled environment, ensuring food safety and hygiene and premium quality.
  • Outstanding Productivity: Advanced farming system helps achieve much higher productivity than traditional methods.
  • Sustainable Business Model: Using renewable energy and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Cost Savings: Low operating costs, does not take up much planting area and requires low manual labor.
  • Unique Product: Strawberries grown in containers attract customers’ attention and differentiate themselves from competitors.

3. Target market:

  • Supermarkets and Food Stores: Demand for fresh, high-quality fruit is always high at supermarkets and food stores.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Strawberries are widely used in desserts, drinks and decorations, creating an appeal for restaurant and cafe menus.
  • Food Processing Enterprises: Strawberries can be processed into many products such as jam, juice, dried, etc., opening up the potential for cooperation with food processing enterprises.




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